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How to Disable Java on iPhone6

Disable Java On Iphone 6.

Generally, we access various websites on our iPhone using safari web browser but sometimes we may face slow connectivity issue. There are websites which prefer using java or JavaScript to enhance user interface but it may create lag. To maintain optimal browsing speed in safari web browser on your iPhone, it is highly recommended to disable java. Here are few steps need to be followed when disable Java on iPhone 6.

1. Unlock your iPhone, tap on setting icon from your phone home screen.

2. Scroll the list and search for the ‘safari’ tab.

3. Press on ‘Safari’ to access the settings option which is required to disable Javascript on your iPhone6.

4. Search for ‘Javascript’ toggle button by scrolling down the list.

5. Simply tap on the "On/Off" toggle button placed next to ‘Javascript’ option to turn off the Javascript functionality.

6. JavaScript is now disabled on your iPhone you can repeat the same process if you want to turn it ON