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How to Resolve Voice Issue over Phone Call

Resolve Voice Issue Over Phone Call

Facing voice issue over the phone call is something that is very frustrating. Therefore, it is important to find ways to troubleshoot the problem. Resolving issues with the phone call is not something easy; you either, need to have good knowledge of setting or should consult the tech expert.  Here are some easy troubleshoot steps that you can follow.

Step One

Ensure that device is not in silent mode. Now take a demo call to over the device.

Step Two

Up the volume level from the side bar, see if the volume is working or not.

Step Three

You should also check out loudspeaker mode, if things are not working then it might be a hardware issue.

Even after following all these steps, if you are unable to resolve issues then get in touch with out teach support team 1-855-602-7997.