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How to Sync Google Calendar in iPad

Calendar is among one of the useful app of iPad. It enables users to check dates and days, help them to set reminders of their work and important dates. Setting calendar in your iPad is very important from the point of view of so many things. There are so many calenders option available for your, here here’s how to sync Google Calendar in iPad.

Step 1:
Open safari in your iPad and go to

Step 2
When you go to the page, you will see a number of list of devices, click on the iPad

Step 3
When you click on the iPad, you will see a number option; check calendars you want to check. 

Step 4:
After doing this, click on save. They will start to appear on your iPad calendar.

Electronic calendars are very much useful. When you synchronize calendar in your device, you can carry it anywhere for any kind of work.