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How to Fix Sign-In Issue in App Store

The app store is a place that enables users to download as well as browse applications using iTunes. You can find paid as well as free app over here. Many apps in app store help users to find out apps that are necessary and required in their daily life. However, in order to use the app available in the app store, you need to download it first and then install it, and to do this you must sign-in in the app store.

These steps demonstrate how to sign-in into iTunes and App store in iPad.

Step 1:
Start taping on ‘settings’ and then scroll down the left column where you find out a number of options. Check the ‘iTunes and App Store’ column. 

Step 2
When you will click on iTunes and App Store, you will see (in the right hand side) Apple ID and Password option. 

Step 3
Enter your user name and Apple ID and Password or if you do not have Apple ID then create it new. You can also remember Apple ID or Password, if you have forgotten it. 

Step 4
Once you are done with your email id then tap Sign-In. You will get the page that showcase options like ‘Music’, ‘Videos’, ‘Music’ , Apps, Books, and Updates. 

Step 5
On the top of the page, you will see an option that displays your Apple ID. Click on that and you will get options like ‘view apple ID’ ‘Sign Out’, ‘iForgot’ and ‘Cancel’.