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Unable to Send and Receive Mails from iPad

iPad, as well all know, is the device which is very much useful for business as well as professional purpose. Sending and receiving emails is the feature that is very much useful for every purpose (personal and professional). Therefore, any problem in that can for sure frustrate users.

Here are some troubleshooting steps that might help you when you are unable to send and receive mails.

What to Do When iPad Doesn’t Receive Email?

Step 1:
Check out if another device is accessing the same account. If you use POP3 email account, and someone other is also accessing it from another device then your iPad could be locked. 

Step 2
Set up the email account on the iPad, and do not sync using computer. Once you follow this step check if you are receiving the email by sending a test mail from other account and device. 

Step 3
Restart your iPad.