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How to view purchased eBook in iBook

eBooks are great medium to read digital books at anytime and anywhere on your iPad or iPhone without carrying bulky paper books. You can enjoy reading books of different genres by singing up on iBook and paying the amount of the book. However, there can be situation where you downloaded the book but it’s not displaying on iBook dashboard.  Here are some steps that will guide to view purchased eBook in iBook

Step 1: Tap on iBook app icon present on your apple device. Sign in with your apple ID and password. Press on ‘Store’ option to see the books available for download or tap on ‘Collection’ to see the collection of books you have downloaded.

Step 2: If a book that you are looking for is not present in bookshelf then you need to navigate to Purchased Section. Tap on Purchased Section present on bottom right of the screen.

Step 3: All books that you have purchased till date will be displayed. Just tap on the cloud icon next to book to download it. Now, book will be displayed in the download section.