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Unable to use Face Time on iPad

FaceTime helps you to do videoconferencing using iOS device i.e. iPad or iPhone. By using FaceTime app you can communicate with another person over internet regardless of location. All you need a front facing camera and compatible iOS devices in order to exchange messages. The biggest advantage of FaceTime is that you can talk as well as see the person but sometimes app tend to get stuck. Here are some easy to follow steps that will guide you to troubleshoot FaceTime issue.

Step 1. A soft reset can resolve the problem. Go to ‘Setting’ option present on your iOS screen, tap on it gently. Navigate to ‘General’ option, tap on ‘reset’ and then ‘reset all settings’. This will reset all your preferred settings.

Step 2: If first step doesn’t work then you have to connect your iOS device to Mac computer. Upgrade your device to latest iOS version. After updating it restore to factory settings.

Step 3: Now, tap on ‘Phone’ application present on the home screen. Press ‘Contacts’ scroll the list and select the person with whom you want to do FaceTime chat. Tap on the box labeled "FaceTime" and your FaceTime chat will start.