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How to Install Apps on an iPad

Install Apps On An Ipad

An app is acronym of Application, which is basically software that can be installed on your iPad. You can download various apps from app store to enjoy music, news, games and podcasts. Generally, apps are paid but still you can download free apps too from app store. In case, you are wondering how to install and run apps on your iPad. Here are few steps needed to be followed when you install apps on an iPad.

Step 1: Turn your iPad on, navigate to the home screen and tap on the "App Store" icon. Latest and popular apps will be displayed. If you find nothing interesting, tap on the search bar and try finding suitable apps.

Step 2: Gently tap on the app which you want to download. If app is paid you need to pay the mentioned price in order to download it

Step 3: Now Login with your Apple ID when window pop up opens. Authenticate your login credentials by taping ok. App will be downloaded to your iPad.

Step 4: Icon of the app will be appeared on the home page. Tap on the icon and enjoy it.