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For iPad Air 2

How to Switch on Unresponsive Apple iPad Air 2

Many iPad Air 2 users complain about frozen screen, frequent restart and unresponsive touch. Sometimes iPad refuses to turn on despite pressing and holding the power button. These issues arise due to improper use of iPad or not following the instruction. If you are frustrated with your unresponsive Apple iPad Air 2, here are steps that will surely help you to switch on unresponsive Apple iPad Air 2:

Step 1: Carry out a soft reset
Firstly, perform a soft reset. A soft reset deletes temporary files from your iPad Air 2 that may be obstructing your device to turn on.

Step 2: Press and hold Power key and Home key simultaneously. Release both keys when you apple logo appearing on the screen. Now, your Apple iPad Air 2 will restart.

Step 3: Make sure that your Apple iPad Air 2 is not damaged. Carefully examine your iPad Air 2 and check if it is overheating, swollen or damaged.

Step 4: Confirm that your iPad Air 2 is fully charged. If the battery is low, it may prevent your iPad Air 2 from turning on.






If these steps are not solving your problems then you can get touch with our Toll Free Number 1855-602-7997 for instant tech support.