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How to Use iMovie

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iMovie is a video editing software that runs on Apple devices. You can watch HD videos and edit them as per your preference. There are number of editing effects present in the iMovie that can be utilized to make impressive movies and videos. If you are wondering how to use iMovie then here are few steps that will assist you in using iMovie.

Step 1: Launch iMovie application present on your dock. You can also search for it Application Folder if it’s not present on the dock.

Step 2:Import your video into the iMovie application from your camera using USB or Firewire cables. USB cables are generally bundled with camera, you can find them in camera box. Power on the camera to start importing process.

Step 3: Now select what you want to import and store the video. Remember HD videos will require more memory for storage. Select File option and click on ‘New Event’.

Step 4:You need to optimize video in order to play it without any lag. Select “optimize video” from popup menu and choose a preferred size of the video. Click the OK button and wait for a while.