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How to remove or Install RAM in iMac

Install Ram In Imac

You can easily upgrade your pre-installed RAM present in iMac in case you want to boost processing power of your machine. RAM for iMac comes in the form of Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Modules (SO-DIMM) cards. You need to insert RAM in memory slots after removing the door of memory compartment using a screwdriver. The below mentioned steps will tell you how to remove or install RAM in iMac.
Note: Please follow these steps with precaution as it involves opening memory compartment.

Step 1:Firstly, you need to shut down your iMac and remove all power cord. Allow your machine to cool down before installing RAM.

Step 2:Use screwdriver to remove the RAM compartment located directly below your iMac. Gently untuck the memory compartment tab by pulling it down.

Step 3:Now, insert the new RAM into the memory compartment. If you hear a click sound that means RAM has been inserted properly. Assemble the door of memory compartment to its original state and attach all power cords.

Step 4:Boot your machine and test the RAM. Now, click on Apple menu bar and then select "About This Mac”. Updated RAM will be displayed.