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How to Upgrade iCloud Drive

iCloud Drive was actually launched by the Apple to manage and store data in iPad and iPhone. Users can take different kinds of iCloud Drive plans that satisfied their requirement. They can save files, documents, photos and many other kind data used. Upgrading iCloud drive is very important if you are a regular user of iCloud Drive. Here are steps how you can upgrade iCloud Drive.

iCloud was launched alongside with iOS 8, here are steps that will help you to upgrade iCloud Drive.

  • In iOS 8, go to Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive > Upgrade to iCloud Drive.
  • If you are using Mac then go to the Apple menu> system preferences> iCloud, sign in with your Apple ID, select iCloud Drive.

Any kind of data that you have already stored in iCloud will automatically moved to iCloud Drive when you will update it.

How you can upgrade using

  • Sign-in into the
  • Pick the pages, keynote and number. After signing in you will be asked if you wish to upgrade iCloud Drive.
  • Click on that to upgrade the Drive.

You should always remember to set-up iClou