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Notes not appearing in iCloud! Learn how to fix it

If you have habit of penning down thoughts or simply want to scribble down important points then Notes application is the best option present in your iOS device.  It is an in-built app that comes with any iOS device assisting you to create grocery list or important agenda. Moreover, you can take back up of notes on iCloud.  In case yournotes are not appearing in iCloud then you need to follow these steps.

 Step 1:  Firstly, a soft reset can resolve your issues.   Tap on ‘settings’ option select ‘General’ and then press on ‘Reset’ to reset all settings. If still issue persists move to step no. 2

Step 2:  Connect your device to computer that has latest version of iTunes. Take backup in iCloud or PC. Sign out of iCloud and sign in again.  Enter apple ID and password to gain access.

Step 3:  Now, add a note again. Upgrade your device to latest iOS version and if it already has latest version then try restoring factory settings.