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How to Backup apps and data to iCloud and Computer

If you are an iOS device user then you can easily backup apps and data to iCloud. The advantage of keeping app backup and data on cloud is that if you reset your device still you can restore all data. Backup process can be initiated by connecting your iOS device (iPad, iPod or iPhone) to mac computer that has latest version of iTunes. Learn How to backup apps and data to iCloud and Computer.

Step1: Connect your iOS device to computer having latest version of iTunes. Open iTunes by clicking on it.  On summary page you will see ‘Backup’ option.

Step 2:  Choose desired option on computer and Hit backup. You will see Backup Apps option. Hit backup apps option if want to backup apps. Progress bar will appear at the top of the iTunes window.  Wait for the backup process to complete.

Step 3:  iTunes will back up all your settings, contacts, app data, messages, and Camera Roll photos. Backup file will saved to iTunes Media folder.