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How to Personalize Google Chrome in Your Mac OS Xr

Google chrome is the most used browser nowadays. Usually, in Mac, Safari is the default browser. However, if you wish to use and personalized Google Chrome in Your Mac OS X then here are some easy steps for you.
Open up the Google Chrome preferences. You do it manually or can use shortcut “command+” using your keyboard.

Now sign-in to your Google Account. Google chrome is a part of Google. So it is recommended you can use your Gmail account.

Select Start-up Preferences: There are many options available in the star-up preferences pages. You can check-in each preference as per your requirements and need.

Set-Up Bookmarks: After setting all these preferences, you should also set-up bookmarks actions for best use.

After all these things, just, do not forget to check the advanced settings option. It is very much helpful to secure browser privacy before you start surfing.