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How to Troubleshoot Files Attachments in Mac

If you are unable to send files in attachmentsthen you can always look for steps to troubleshoot files attachments in Mac. However, there are various reasons why you are not able to attach file to mail application. Here are some steps that you can try if you are facing the same issue.

Well! Before you look for some possible solutions here are some of the possible reason why you are facing this issue.

  • Loss of internet connectivity while attaching the folder or file
  • Due to lack of data plans in your mobile
  • Due to low existence of internet network availability
  • Attached file may be not selected properly

Step One

Check the internet connection, if it is connected or disconnected. If not connected properly then remove it and connect it properly.

Step Two

You can also check your data plans, may be you have used it all and you need to recharge it.

Step Three

Sometimes it happens that internet connectivity is low, so in that case you can wait for some time and then send email.

Step Four

You can also restart the mail and try it after sometime.