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How to Recall E-Mail in Outlook

Microsoft outlook enable users to send and receive emails. Sometimes, it happens that you accidently send an email, now you wish to replace it or bring back before you read. Here are some instructions to recall e-mail in outlook 2010 and 2013.

Open your outlook instantly after you realize you have made an error in email.

Now check the SENT FOLDER.

Open that specific email that you wish to recall.

Select ‘file’ and ‘info’. You will have many options in the right, like ‘message resend and recall’. Check those options.

After checking the option wait until your “recall this message” dialog box pops up.

Now you have 1 and 2 options. You can either delete unread emails or replace them with the new message.

You have to rewrite the message if you have picked to replacement option; and now send it again.
After doing this, use the “tracking section” present over the email header to check if the recall is successful or not.