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How to Use Microsoft Entourage on Mac

Entourage is an emailing client developed by Microsoft especially for Mac OS. Entourage works on Mac OS 8.5 or higher and provides functionality like email, calendar, address book, task list, and project manager. You can easily send and receive emails using entourage as it support POP and IMAP protocols. If you are having trouble while setting up Microsoft entourage on Mac, these below mentioned steps will help you.

Step 1: Firstly, open “Entourage” on your MacBook and select “Account Settings” option. To open up Account Setup Assistant, Click on “New” tab.

Step 2:You will asked to enter the email address. After entering the email click on right arrow to continue. Authentication process will take place wait for some time and click on right arrow again.

Step 3: Now, Enter your name, e-mail address, account ID and password to complete the process and click on “verify my setting’ option to authenticate the details. Be patient, itmay take a few minutes.

Step 4:Type your account name (e.g. Gmail, Mobile Me, Yahoo mail, etc.) and click finish. You now ready to use entourage on your MacBook.