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How to Download Music in Your iPod Classic

Download Music In Your Ipod Classic

iPod is a device that enables users to listen music of their choice. iPod classic is a iPod launched by Apple that offers 160GB space, and with the large amount of space, you can easily download the iPod. So, if you want to learn how to download music in your iPod Classic. Here are some easy steps for you.

1. Open the iTunes on your PC now add the desired music files by buying music from iTunes store or download it using CD.

2. Now plug the iPod using PC via USB.

3. Click on ‘source’ menu, pick ‘iPod Option’, and manage music manually.

4. Wait for the song to sync automatically.

5. Check the pre-made iPod playlist folders and check where you wish to put your magic.

6. Select the music of your choice and transfer.

7. Drag the new playlist on your iPod and enjoy your music.