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How to Fix download issue in Browser

We download various stuff from internet using web browser. There are number of web browser available and all of them have some unique feature. If you facing problem while downloading stuffs from browser then this instructional piece is for you.  Many browsers consume high memory that creates problem while surfing websites or downloading. Learn How to Fix download issue in Browser by following the below mentioned steps.

Note: If it is a work computer, might be downloads are blocked by Admin.

 Step 1:  Firstly, reset your browser. After reset, you need to delete cookies and caches from the browser. Also, make sure that plist of browser is deleted.

Step 2:  Navigate to Go/library/preferences. Search for ‘plist’ of browser and delete it.

Step 3: Now try to download content from website. If still not working, reinstall the browser.

Step 4: After reinstalling the browser, you will find that download issue in Browser is finally resolved and content can be downloaded easily.