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Can't play movies on browser

Many website offers online streaming service for movies that can be accessed on any internet browser.  If you are unable to movies on browser then this instructional piece will definitely help you.  Mostly, user prefer watching movie online rather than downloading it. Some steps needs to be implemented to troubleshoot movie playing issue on browser are mentioned below.

Step 1: You need to install flash player in order to play the movies/videos on browser. Flash player is a plugin which is mandatory to access digital media.

Step 2: Open new tab in your browser enter the URL You will be redirected to download page of flash player.  Download the flash player file.

Step 3: After complete download, install the flash player. Now, restart you browser. Navigate to website and it will allow you to play video and movies online. If you still facing issue while playing video or movie on browser then try restarting your computer system.

Note: Allow flash player from plugin if needed