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How to Hide Apps on Your iPhone

iPhone is a wonderful device which is loaded with lot of useful app. In the pool of apps, you will find many apps that are just not useful. Either, you can hide apps on your iPhone or can delete it with these simple steps.

1. Editing: Tap and hold the iPhone app that you want to hide in your device until it start to wiggle.

2. Move: Now move the app into new blank page and slide it to the right screen.

3. Folder: Now make the app folder. Reduce the icon size, then again tap and hold the app until it start wiggle.

4. Drag the app that you want to hide: Now drag the app that you wish to add. This will automatically create the folder with the default name using the folder.

5. Move Folder to the Blank Page: After you have created the app folder, now tap the backdrop to close the folder.

6. Now tap over the iPhone home button, see the app and folders will stop wiggling and hence changes is saved.