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How to Connect Wi Fi with Apple TV

Connect Wi Fi With Apple Tv

The following steps will help you to connect your Apple TV with Wi Fi. When you connect the internet with your Apple TV, you enjoy more. Here are easy steps.

Step One

First, explore the ‘settings’ option, then got to ‘General’ and then ‘Network’.

Step Two

Now select configure wireless settings and configure.

Step Three

Now you will see a list of wireless networks. You can pick the networks, you want to join and then click on ‘Done’.

Step Four

You also need to give password, if the network is password protected. After entering the password, you will be able to access the network.

Step Five

A message that says "Connecting to wireless network" will display.

Step Six

Once you connect, it will show the message "Connection Succeeded" will appear. Click on Done. Now this will display your wireless information.