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How to Set Up Apple TV

Set Up Apple Tv

Apple TV is a digital media player that can be paired with HD and LCD TV. By using Apple TV, you can directly stream music, videos and movies stored in your apple computer, iPhone and iPad to TV. Apple TV plays content from any Mac OS X or Windows computer running iTunes. You can use Apple Remote (which comes with Apple TV) to control content. Here are some guidelines that will help you to set up Apple TV.

Step 1: Make sure that your TV is compatible with Apple TV console. Any TV having resolutions 1080i, 1080p, 720p, 576p or 489p is supported by apple TV.

Step 2: You need an HDMI cable in case you are using second or third generation Apple TV. Now set up Wi-Fi connection or a high-speed DSL to run the Apple TV.

Step 3:Connect the apple device to the same internet network on which the apple TV is connected. Log in to your iTunes account, if you don’t have an account sign up to use Apple TV.

Step 4:You are now ready to use apple TV, make sure that all power outlets are switched on.