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How to connect iTunes Store to Apple TV

Connect Itunes Store To Apple Tv.

It happens at times that iTunes Store is unable to connect with Apple TV.  Many messages like not able to Sign-In”, “cannot connect iTunes store” display while you connect to the server.  All such things really frustrate users. Therefore, it is crucial to know or learn the possible solutions on how to connect iTunes store to Apple TV.

Possible Solution One

Hold and press down arrow keys and menu all together atleast for 6 seconds until the light flashes quickly.

Possible Solution Two

If iTunes account is open, then first logout the iTune session on Apple TV and then log back again.

Possible Solution Three

Reset the system.

Possible Solution Four

Unplug and plug in back your Apple TV.


These solutions will help you. However, if you are unable to do that then you can anytime call our tech support team on our toll free number 1-855-602-7997.