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How to Connect Apple TV to Mac

Connecting Apple TV to Mac is the best way to watch in the big screen. Below given steps will allow you to connect Apple TV to Mac. These two methods will tell you how to connect Apple TV by ‘use the menu bar’ and ‘using preferences’.

Using the Menu Bar


  • Turn Apple TV on.
  • Now click on the AirPlay icon over the menu bar. The ‘menu ‘is available on the small white, and the AirPlay icon is near to the Wi Fi menu icon.
  • Now pick your AppleTV using the drop-down menu. You can even pick from many Apple TV access available on your network, choose the one that you wish to use.
  • Your Mac is now connected with the Apple TV.

Using System Preferences

  • First, turn the Apple TV on.
  • Now open the system preferences. Do it by clicking over the “System Preferences” using the drop-down menu.
  • Now click over the “Displays” icon.
  • Open the menu termed as “AirPlay Mirroring.” It will display a list of AirPlay that allows devices to linked in the network.
  • Now open the “AirPlay Mirroring.” It will display a list of AirPlay-allowed devices that are available in your network.
  • Now you can enjoy the screen.