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How to change Apple ID in iTunes and App Store

Change Apple Id In Itunes

Apple ID is needed whenever you need to download music from iTunes or any app from App store. Your Apple ID is unique and helps to authenticate your credentials whenever you purchase app. There can be situation when you want to change your current Apple ID and sign up with a new one. If you are confused how to change Apple ID in iTunes and App Store then this instruction page will help you out.


Step 1: Navigate to the home screen on your iOS device. Tap on ‘setting’ icon and select iTunes & App Store. On top tap on Name and press Sign-out.  Now you are no longer signed in.

Step 2:  After signing out from current Apple ID you need to create a new Apple ID and Password.   Repeat the step 1 and tap on Create New Apple ID. Select the country you're located in. Tap on done to confirm and move to next step.

Step 3: Read all the terms and conditions before proceeding further. Enter your email ID, password, address, and Billing Information for authentication. Remember after registration your email ID will be become Apple ID.

Step 4: After authenticating all details you can now use new Apple ID for iTunes and App Store.