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How to Configure your Airport Router

If you want to set up a fast and secure wireless network in your home or office than the AirPort router is the best option available in the market. While setting up airport router you need to use apple AirPort Utility program. If you are confused how to configure airport router, these below mentioned steps will help you for creating a wireless network and sharing Internet access.

Step 1:Insert cable or DSL modem into the AirPort's WAN port. Make sure you use Ethernet cable to establish the connection.Plug the AirPort's power adapter into power outlet and switch it on.

Step 2:Download the AirPort Utility and follow the instruction. Now you need to choose AirPort base station simply click on Wi-Fi menu and select your AirPort new base station.

Step 3:Give name to new network connection and enter password to secure it. Enter the password again to authenticate it. Now, any device that wants to connect to the network will need password.

Step 4:Wait for the network to be initialized. This may take a few moments so be patient. You can check internet connectivity when network is finally initialized.